Results of our 

Christmas Competition 2019!

Congratulations to our winners of the 2019 Christmas Competition and well done to everyone who took part.


1st - Karen Illingworth 2,565,500

2nd - Katie Saunderson 725,000

3rd - Claire Hughes 670,500

1st - Christine Beet 348,000

2nd - Lindsey Kearley 320,000



3rd - Marylynn McQueen-Skene 260,560

Karen has been in our top 3 for the previous 2 years, so congratulations on taking 1st place this year!  All of the hard work personal training with Jason for the past year has definitely paid off!

Christine is having a blinding year with us!  Not only has she been awarded member of the year but she's nailed 1st place in the Christmas competition too!  Excellent work Christine!


1st - Graham O'Dell 1,811,600

2nd - Mark Saunderson 1,507,750

3rd - Andy Farr 737,090



1st - David Hinkley 495,000

2nd - Kevin White 440,000

3rd - Peppe Paone 340,000

Graham came in a close second last year but deservedly has taken the top spot this year, excellent work!

David was a first time entrant in our competition and he's put in a fantastic effort, not just for this but throughout the year - well done David! 

Karen 1st place
Katie 2nd place
Claire 3rd place
Graham 1st place
Mark 2nd place
Andy 3rd place
Christine 1st place seniors
Lindsey 2nd place seniors
Marylynn 3rd place seniors
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Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year

from us all at Gaché's Health Club

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