Now really is the time to hunker down...

So based on news reports and also messages that we've been receiving from friends working for the NHS, we are now well into the peak of the virus wave and it's looking like the next 2 weeks at least are the most crucial for everyone to stay at home as much as possible! We have only been leaving the house for a little walk in very quiet areas near us or when we go out to food shop and we keep that to as rarely as possible.

Everyday, several times a day we spare a thought for those working on the frontline of the NHS who are dealing with the fallout of the spreading of this terrible virus. Their workload at the moment must be unbearable as must be the memories that they take home with them at the end of each shift. Every Thursday at 8pm we stand outside out front door, along with so many others across the nation, to clap for their bravery and sacrifice. We'll never be able to thank them enough for the work that they are doing.

So dear members, as we're sure you are already doing, please continue to stay at home to keep yourselves and others safe. We're hoping that the classes we're uploading are keeping you motivated and moving and we will keep adding to them, so hopefully this will help to make the time go more quickly and also give you a psychological as well as a physical boost.

The posts and messages that we've been getting from you are really lifting our spirits and we have to give a special mention to Chris who posts some great images on Instagram about our classes; we love your posts Chris, thank you!

Take care all and stay safe!


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