It's the perfect weather for a DIY outdoor gym...

Well if there's one thing that we can be thankful for it's the lovely weather we have been experiencing recently. It's a little saving grace at an otherwise worrying and difficult time. We have been thinking how lucky we are to have a garden and really feel for those who are living in flats with no personal outdoor space to call their own. It must be very difficult to have lovely weather like this and only be able to take your one walk/cycle/jog etc a day, us Brits love our sunshine! That's why we're hoping that respect for the current restrictions continue to be followed so that no further restrictions come into play; possibly taking that little bit of escapism into the great outdoors away from those who really need it. Now more than ever we need to be thinking of others. Although we have been asked to make sacrifices, and they are hard, it doesn't even come close to the sacrifices that frontline workers and key workers are making at the moment for us all. We are genuinely truly grateful to them all and wish them support, protection and health, always.

For those of you blessed to have a bit of outdoor space to call your own maybe do your classes outside, or you can even set up your own DIY gym like Gary has done. He already had the TRX but has fashioned his own bench/step for plyo jumps etc and is using his work benches as freestanding parallel bars. Tools and tool boxes are being used as weights. Great work Gary, loving the ingenuity!


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