A big thank you from us to you...

Well here we are, already almost 2 weeks into 'lockdown' and it's been a really busy time for us; getting the online classes recorded, edited and up on the site. New territory, ever-learning, but we're getting there. The biggest challenge seems to be getting the videos to upload to the website as the poor old internet is being pushed to its limits what with everyone being at home, it can honestly takes hours sometimes! We'd also planned to get the blog up and running a lot sooner, but getting the classes sorted and out to you was of course our priority and has taken up way more time than we expected it to.

However we can honestly say it's been well worth the effort as the feedback we have been receiving so far has been amazing! Your appreciation and enthusiasm for the classes already up on the site has been overwhelming and really means a lot to us, so thank you.

Very kindly some of you have been sharing posts, images and videos with us of you doing the classes, as well as your DIY gym equipment, and have given us the go-ahead to share them out. So we'll be posting them here on the blog and please do keep them coming! We love it! It's a great way to stay connected and hopefully by adding them to our blog we'll still have that sense of community that we have in the gym.

So, we've decided we're going to kick off with a fab video that Carol sent us last week, not one of our classes but a great example from Will on what can be achieved when you really put your mind to it...

Thanks again all for your support and stay safe and well and of course AT HOME!


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