Cardio V Strength Training

Updated: Apr 4

Cardio Vs Strength Training, which will burn more calories?

Well the number of calories you burn during cardio exercise depends on your body size and how intensely you exercise. A lot of scientific research has gone into how various activities effect how many calories are burned and typically cardio exercise will burn more calories than doing strength training for the same duration.

HOWEVER, strength training has more effect than cardio on building muscle, and muscle burns more calories when at rest. Therefore strength training is the key to increasing your resting metabolism. Research has shown that you continue to burn calories in the hours following a strength training session, whereas once you finish a cardio session you stop. There have even been reports of resting metabolism staying elevated for approximately 36 hours after strength training, as of yet this has not been found with cardio. So the calorie-burning benefits of strength training aren't limited to when you are exercising, you may keep burning calories for hours or days afterwards.

Whether it's cardio, strength training or a mixture of both, the most important thing is to keep moving and get regular exercise for long-term health benefits and weight loss/management.

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