Our Planet, Our Responsibility

Updated: Apr 4

As you will know there is an increasing amount of plastic waste building up around the world, millions of which ends up in our oceans. This has a disastrous effect on sea-life, birds and turtles and also results in tiny particles called microplastic, which can form a sort of plastic soup. These particles soak up chemical additives and endocrine disruptors, and when they are eaten by sea-life and enter the food chain, they can end up on our plates.

Plastic waste is a huge problem for all of us and concerns us at gaché’s health club a great deal so we are asking all of our members to please try and bring re-usable water bottles with you to your sessions, which you are more than welcome to fill/refill from our water jugs, cups will of course continue to be provided.

We strongly believe that even the smallest of actions can help to bring about the largest of changes and will help towards reducing this problem.

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