Final week of the Christmas Competition

We are into the final few days of the competition and it's time for the final big push towards the finish line. More on this week's challenges later. For now though here's a scores update...

ELVES WOMEN 1st - Karen Illingworth 763,750 2nd - Tracy Hayward 696,975 3rd - Claire Hughes 340,550

ELVES MEN 1st - Justin Millais 1,100,400 2nd - Mark Saunderson 984,300 3rd - Andy Farr 573,309

REINDEER WOMEN 1st - Morfydd R-Hall 326,400 2nd - Kirsty Jarvis 273,320 3rd - Megan Jennings 242,662

REINDEER MEN 1st - Graham O'Dell 302,810 2nd - David Key 133,710 3rd - Mike Hutchings 87,630

A HUGE WELL DONE to Justin Millais for being the first one to hit over 1,000,000 points! 👍 and of course well done to you all, you're AMAZING!

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