It's all about the protein

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day right? Well yes, eating breakfast is important (especially if you want to lose weight as if you skip it your body immediately registers famine so then holds on tight to your stores of fat).

However just as important is lunch - if you eat the wrong foods for lunch you will find your energy tank running low very quickly. So if you experience mid-afternoon dips in energy or crave an afternoon cat nap then you need to look at what you're eating for lunch and whether it contains enough protein. A protein rich lunch will keep your physical energy topped up through to the evening, which will also help to stop any unhealthy snacking.

Here are some great suggestions which are healthy, easy to make and delicious to eat:

  • Poached chicken (or cooked prawns) and avocado salad - throw in a handful of seeds or cashew nuts along with your preferred salad ingredients of choice for an extra protein boost!

  • Spicy chickpea and feta salad - a great vegetarian option, pulses are packed with protein so either use them as the main star or as an addition ingredient for extra protein power.

  • Salad Nicoise wrap - if you love a sarnie then go for a wrap as the less stodgy carbs the better, concentrate more on protein packed fillings.

  • Lemon lentil soup - as well as being high in protein lentils are also high in soluble fibre and are a complex carbohydrate which helps keep you fuller for longer.

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