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Personal goals keep you motivated.

A relatively new approach to weight loss called Acceptance-Based Behavioural Treatment (ABT) helps you to lose more weight and keep it off longer than using Standard Behavioural Treatment (SBT) according to a randomised controlled trial. ABT differs by adding larger personal goals beyond just weight loss to the existing SBT process of reduced calories and increased physical activity. The trial showed that 3.5% more weight was lost in a year by those using ABT over SBT. The ABT group were asked to choose goals as to why they wanted to lose weight, e.g. healthier lifestyle, living longer etc. and were also helped to focus on their chosen long term goal to help overcome the expected challenges of hunger and cravings and-so-on, as they reduced calories and changed their diet. This is an approach I have always taken as a personal trainer, as having ongoing, long-term goals is a strong motivator for keeping up a healthy diet and exercise programme.

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