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gaché's Christmas competion 2016!

We've launched our Christmas competition for our members. It's a great, fun way to get people motivated with their work out and definitely brings out the competitive side of some....

Oh No! Santa’s reindeer have come down with “mad reindeer disease” so you need to take over transporting the sleigh in time for Christmas!!

The Rules

The more distance you travel on the cardio equipment the more Santa’s sleigh travels around the world. The more repetitions you achieve on the strength machines and core exercises the more presents the sleigh can hold and deliver…

The Points System

Cardio: Bike 1 mile = 30pts Treadmill 1 mile = 100pts Cross Trainer 1 mile = 40pts Rower 1000m= 100pts

Strength: All Technogym machines - 1 rep = 1 point (weight on machine must be current weight used in your programme)

Bonus points: 1 Abdominal rep = 2 pts 1 Core rep = 2 pts

Mega Bonus points!: 1 lap jogging around the cricket field = 500pts Attending Boot camp Christmas class =750pts

You have 2 weeks to complete your Christmas challenge starting from Friday 2nd December until 5pm on Thursday 15th 2016.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be presented at our Christmas competition party night on Thursday 15th December from 6pm onwards.

Good luck everyone!

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