Helpful tips to increase your metabolism

Taken from an article written by Jason for The Richmond and Twickenham Times, follow these simple tips to help increase your metabolism...

Have you ever found it hard to lose weight yet others around you seem to eat as much as they want without piling on the pounds? The reason for this could be that you have a slow metabolism. The good news is that increasing your metabolic rate is easier than you think.

In order to do this you have to understand what slows it down in the first place. One pound of fat in your body burns two calories per day, however one pound of lean muscle tissue burns fifty calories per day! So as you can see, the more fat your body contains the slower your metabolic rate and the harder it is to efficiently burn that fat off. Whereas the more lean muscle tissue you have the more calories you will burn throughout the day, which will leave you looking and feeling better. Okay, so now you know how this works you can start to make some changes.

There are some very simple ways to get your major muscle groups working and increase your activity levels. ..

Add strength training to your fitness regime three times a week and be efficient with your choice of exercises by working major muscle groups. Squats, lunges and press ups are all fantastic examples, as they work multiple muscles simultaneously.

Don't have an exercise regime? No problem, just make some changes to your daily lifestyle. Try leaving the car at home as much as possible and walk or cycle instead. When you do use the car try to avoid parking immediately outside of your destination, park as far away as you can and give your legs a stretch. Always use the stairs rather than the lift or an escalator and or if you're taking the bus to work (or in general) get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way.

These are small but very easy adjustments and they do make a big difference in increasing lean muscle tissue and will also benefit your cardiovascular system at the same time.

You can always find a way to fit in some form of activity, don't kid yourself into thinking that you haven't got the time. It's just a case of being more aware and changing your habits.

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