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personalised fitness

Initial one-to-one training programme

Each of our members will have their own different fitness goals and requirements.  Which is why when you join us we work with you to put together a fitness programme that will help you achieve great results and that you’ll also enjoy.  Our first priority is to help you develop your base fitness level, which we aim to achieve in the first 4 - 6 weeks of training.  Once you've reached this you'll meet your specific goals quicker and more easily.

We'll also offer advice on diet and lifestyle throughout your training.



Ongoing support

Once you have reached your base fitness level everything will come much more easily, and as the body adapts quickly your fitness programme will need to be updated.  We’ll make sure you are fully introduced to each new programme we give you so that you understand it and can use it to its full potential. We'll also advise you and help you set up fitness apps on your mobile devices to help keep you focused and motivated.  Remember we are always on hand to give you help and advice.



Updating your fitness plan

As your fitness levels and body changes, so will your exercise requirements. Which is why at gaché's we look at changing your routine regularly, which is all part of your membership service.


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