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I have been working in the fitness industry and have been personal training for over 25 years.  Once you start to PT with me you'll quickly realise how years of knowledge and experience will enhance your training sessions and get you incredible results in an enjoyable and inspiring environment. We will be training in my private PT studio at Horsham Sports Club with access to the vast playing fields for outdoor training.

Personal Training has to be fun, sustainable and most importantly as effective for my clients as possible.  I work hard to keep you constantly challenged and motivated so that every session feels new and unknown. I truly believe that offering good, enjoyable and effective personal training requires more than just a qualification.


What to expect from your PT session:

  • unique, fun and challenging experience.

  • variation where every session differs from the previous one, giving you no chance to rest on your laurels.

  • effective results using techniques such as; core strength; dynamic, plyometric & interval training; and compact training (a specialised training system created by yours truly), all of which utilise your time wisely and gets you the absolute most from every session.

  • motivation giving you constant encouragement, feedback and support to keep you on track and focused.

  • inspiration to stay on track to achieve your personal fitness goals, whatever they might be; weight loss, improving overall fitness levels, strength and body definition, improving sports specific performance...

With experience comes expert knowledge, which leads to a wide range of rewarding and effective training techniques suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 


package of 10 x 1hr sessions, training twice a week £450

(£45 per session, to be used in consecutive weeks)

package of 10 x 1hr sessions, training once a week £550

(£55 per session, to be used in consecutive weeks)

individual (ad hoc) session £65 each

Please note that if given less than 24hrs notice of cancellation for a session charges may apply


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