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Vanessa is in her 40's, she has always been fit and exercised but after training with Jason her fitness level and abilities have rocketed.  Click on the videos below it see examples of how she has used various techniques she has learned from Jason to complete the 22 days push-up challenge to honor those who serve in the military and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention.  We'd like to say a big thank you to Vanessa for allowing us to post her videos. :-)

Members Anna, Liz & Lauren after completing their first tough mudder in 2016 - good going ladies!!

Fab shot of our view by the lovely Anna Key...

Vanessa showing us the 1 legged upside down BOSU move.

The whole family together at the club

One of our members Alison multi tasking on the BOSU

Our seasonal foods notice board is updated monthly

Yet again we catch Mick trying to sneak the weights home with him!! 

A spring day in 2017 and our stunning sunny view!

Claire & Tracy smashing it on the rowers!

Our winning team of HSC's May 2017 rowing challenge - smashed it!

Vanessa Gaché showing off a strong core on rollerblades...

Gaché's Christmas party 2017

Our very worthy winners of the 2018 Christmas competition
Jason's Competition Ball Challenge
Refurb May 2019
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HIIT Class
When e-scocial butterflies came to class...

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