Investing in Your Health

31 Mar 2017

For patients with breast cancer, physical activity and avoiding weight gain are the most important lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and death, according to an evidence-based review published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal)....

16 Mar 2017

A study carried out by the University of California - San Diego has shown that elderly women who sit for more than 10 hours a day with low physical activity have cells that are biologically older than their chronological age by eight years compared to women who are les...

9 Mar 2017

A relatively new approach to weight loss called Acceptance-Based Behavioural Treatment (ABT) helps you to lose more weight and keep it off longer than using Standard Behavioural Treatment (SBT) according to a randomised controlled trial. ABT differs by adding larger pe...

2 Mar 2017

Celeriac & Watercress Soup


  • 4 leeks, washed and sliced

  • 50g butter

  • 1 tbsp olive oil 

  • 1 celeriac, peeled and diced

  • 1½ litre vegetable stock

  • 2 x 100g bags watercress

  • Parmesan cheese, flaked 


Gently cook the leeks in th...

2 Mar 2017

Often the unsung hero of the vegetable world celeriac (also known as root celery) is low in calories (100g holds just 42 cals) and full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.  It also contains anti-oxidants some of which posses anti-cancer properties, possibly offeri...

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