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30 Nov 2016

Following on from why a strong core matters these are our easy-to-do top tips that will get you started or add to an existing core strengthening programme.

Tip 1.
When sitting for long periods of time, sit tall with the boney part of your bottom pointing straight down....

18 Nov 2016


1/ A strong core helps to protects your inner organs and central nervous system, which is an important part of staying healthy. As well as being the place that your organs and central nervous system do their work, yo...

12 Nov 2016

Last but not least.... Exercise.
Daily if possible, it's so important to help you feel good, maintain your health and help your brain cope with stress. A study found that those who took part in regular vigorous exercise were 25% less likely to develop depression or an...

6 Nov 2016

Eat well-balanced meals. 
It's so important not to skip any meals and to ensure that they are healthy and balanced. Protein is the star of the show as it keeps you fuller for longer and doesn't quickly turn to sugar as carbs do. Limit carbs like pasta, rice and bread,...

2 Nov 2016

Take time-out. 
A lot of us live busy lives and as a part of that often overlook giving ourselves some much needed time to ourselves. Try and find the time every day (even if it's just 10 - 15 minutes) to do something that you like, or that relaxes you, or makes you sm...

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