Investing in Your Health

18 Feb 2018

Why is sleep so important?

Good sleep means good daytime well being; it effects our energy levels, concentration, mood and how we function generally.

When we sleep our brains are still busy working; storing memories and collating information we've acquired throughout t...

26 Jan 2018

In our last two blogs we've looked at various scientific research on which form of exercise burns the most calories which, coupled with the right diet, leads to weight loss. 

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has published evidence-based recommendations fo...

23 Jan 2018

Our last blog was about which burned the most calories, cardio exercise or strength training. Well if you're looking for the most effective calorie burner try HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) which provides similar benefits to cardio but in less time.

HIIT t...

21 Jan 2018

Cardio Vs Strength Training, which will burn more calories?

Well the number of calories you burn during cardio exercise depends on your body size and how intensely you exercise.  A lot of scientific research has gone into how various activities effect how many calories...

18 Jan 2018

Lemons really do have some fantastic nutritional benefits. These include improving heart health, lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of strokes.

They're also full of vitamin C which supports your skin (with the production of collagen, which also makes up 90% of...

5 Jan 2018

This seems to be the time of year for resolutions and new goals and that often includes losing weight and improving fitness levels. Obviously we encourage this all-year-round, as maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your body fit and supple contributes massively to...

30 Dec 2017

We'd like to say a huge congratulations to our Christmas Competition winners. You all did amazingly well and put in a tremendous effort. You are deserving winners! 👍


Elves - Women

1st Place    Tracy Haywood

2nd Place   Karen Illingworth

3rd Place   Claire Hugh...

14 Dec 2017

Here they are - the FINAL SCORES for the gaché's Xmas Competition 2017 are in...

1st place Tracy Haywood 1,196,975
2nd place Karen Illingworth 906,000
3rd place Clare Hughes 590,600

1st place Justin Millais 1,666,800
2nd place Mark Saunderson 1,628,...

11 Dec 2017

So here it is, the last of our Christmas Competition challenges and they're biggies!  As well as our core/strength bonus points rolling on into the final few days there are 2 further challenges to choose from.

“The Reindeer Hill Climb” 
1/ 1 mile each on Bike/Cross Trai...

11 Dec 2017

We are into the final few days of the competition and it's time for the final big push towards the finish line. More on this week's challenges later. For now though here's a scores update...

1st - Karen Illingworth 763,750
2nd - Tracy Hayward 696,975
3rd - C...

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