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Christmas Competition Winners!

We'd like to say a huge congratulations to our Christmas Competition winners. You all did amazingly well and put in a tremendous effort. You are deserving winners! 👍 Elves - Women 1st Place Tracy Haywood 2nd Place Karen Illingworth 3rd Place Claire Hughes Elves - Men 1st Place Justin Millais 2nd Place Mark Saunderson 3rd Place Andy Farr Reindeer - Women 1st Place Megan Jennings 2nd Place Kirstie Jarvis 3rd Place Morfydd Ransom-Hall (Megan, your medal awaits you...) Reindeer - Men 1st Place Graham O'Dell 2nd Place David Key 3rd Place Mike Hutchings Cheekiest Member of the Year Liz Miles #HorshamWinners #ChristmasFitnessCompetitionWinners #HorshamGym #HorshamFitness #Ho

GHC Christmas Party 2017

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to make it to our Christmas party, we had a fab time with you all. For those of you who were stricken down with the lurgy or at School performances you were missed, but there's always next year... #ChristmasParty #Gym #Party #Horsham #HealthClub #Partyfun #WestSussex

The Final Score Xmas Comp 2017!

Here they are - the FINAL SCORES for the gaché's Xmas Competition 2017 are in... ELVES WOMEN 1st place Tracy Haywood 1,196,975 2nd place Karen Illingworth 906,000 3rd place Clare Hughes 590,600 ELVES MEN 1st place Justin Millais 1,666,800 2nd place Mark Saunderson 1,628,300 3rd place Andy Farr 655,309 REINDEER WOMEN 1st place Megan Jennings 525,762 2nd place Kirstie Jarvis 523,320 3rd place Morfydd Ransom-Hall 483,800 REINDEER MEN 1st place Graham O’Dell 302,810 2nd place David Key 139,160 3rd place Mike Hutchings 106,030 A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our winners in all categories & to every single one of you who took part. You are all amazing and thanks to you the sleigh is on track

The Final Push of the Christmas Comp!

So here it is, the last of our Christmas Competition challenges and they're biggies! As well as our core/strength bonus points rolling on into the final few days there are 2 further challenges to choose from. “The Reindeer Hill Climb” 1/ 1 mile each on Bike/Cross Trainer/Treadmill 2/ 2 x 3 minute abdominal workouts 3/ 2 x sessions of 100/80/60/40/20 reps on resistance machines 4/ 1000m timed on rower (women 5 mins / men 4.30 mins) 5/ 30 x BOSU sit downs 6/ 200 x Core Reps 7/ 50 x Inner thighs workout on Sliders Complete ALL 7 challenges above to receive 50,000 points / this can be repeated as often as wished for 50,000 points per set. OR “Santa’s Final Push” 1/ 3km run on treadmi

Final week of the Christmas Competition

We are into the final few days of the competition and it's time for the final big push towards the finish line. More on this week's challenges later. For now though here's a scores update... ELVES WOMEN 1st - Karen Illingworth 763,750 2nd - Tracy Hayward 696,975 3rd - Claire Hughes 340,550 ELVES MEN 1st - Justin Millais 1,100,400 2nd - Mark Saunderson 984,300 3rd - Andy Farr 573,309 REINDEER WOMEN 1st - Morfydd R-Hall 326,400 2nd - Kirsty Jarvis 273,320 3rd - Megan Jennings 242,662 REINDEER MEN 1st - Graham O'Dell 302,810 2nd - David Key 133,710 3rd - Mike Hutchings 87,630 A HUGE WELL DONE to Justin Millais for being the first one to hit over 1,000,000 points! 👍 and of course we

Season food of the month

Our seasonal food of the month for December is of course Cranberries... Cranberries are a health food due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content. They are often referred to as a "super food” and 50g of cranberries contains only 25 calories. The nutrients in cranberries have been linked to a lower risk of urinary tract infections, prevention of certain types of cancer, improved immune function, and decreased blood pressure. They are also high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin K and contain proanthocyanidins (PACs), an antioxidant that can help prevent a range of diseases. Try this quick and easy cranberry relish which can be served alongside, cheese, cold meats or with some inevit

Week 3 of Xmas Comp...

We're into week 3 of the Christmas Competition and everyone is doing so well! We're loving the camaraderie we're seeing between you even though you're up against each other, well done guys! It's core/strength bonus points week to prep for getting up and down all the chimneys on Christmas Eve and here's an update on the leader board... ELVES WOMEN 1st Tracy Haywood 406,525 2nd Karen Illingworth 317,850 3rd Claire Hughes 259,150 ELVES MEN 1st Mark Saunderson 530,250 2nd Justin Millais 486,650 3rd Andy Farr 271,259 WOMEN REINDEER 1st Morfydd Ransom-Hall 162,650 2nd Kirsty Jarvis 147,850 3rd Sarah Vind 100,385 MEN REINDEER 1st David Key 127,310 2nd Graham O'Dell 96,860 3rd Mike Hutch