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Week 2 of Xmas Comp

We're into week 2 of the Christmas Competition and it's Cardio bonus points week to get the sleigh moving further around the world. Everyone is putting in an amazing effort and with such good spirits! Current leaders are: ELVES WOMEN 1st Tracy Haywood 173,475 2nd Julie McAteer 132,150 3rd Joanne Hale 125,720 ELVES MEN 1st Justin Millais 229,650 2nd Mark Saunderson 176,600 3rd John Romo 166,850 REINDEER WOMEN 1st Morfydd Ransom-Hall 51,250 2nd Sam Clarke 41,510 3rd Cassie Haswell 41,000 REINDEER MEN 1st Michael Easton 39,940 2nd David Key 29,090 3rd Mike Hutchings 23,350 Well done to you all and keep up the good work! 👍👍 #ChristmasCompetition #Fitnesschallenge #Challengeyourself

Jason's Swiss Ball Target Practice...

... he's coming to get you! Yes he is, with 5000 super bonus points up for grabs every time you participate this is a real points booster for those taking part in our Xmas Competition! The aim is to get from one end of the room to the other (you have to touch the wall at each end) without Jason hitting you with the stability ball (sometimes there are 2!). If he gets you you have to stop and do 10 squats, then you carry on. FYI, he's got a great aim! #SwissBallChallenge #ChristmasCompetition #Fitnesstest #Fitnesschallenge #TargetPractice #EyeontheBall

Scores for Xmas Comp 21.11.17

A huge well done to everyone taking part in our Christmas Competition for all of the incredible effort being put in! Scores for the top 3 places in each category will be updated daily on our website ELVES WOMEN: 1st - Tracy Haywood 43,375 2nd - Julie McAteer 42,900 3rd - Karen Illingworth 36,950 ELVES MEN: 1st - John Romo 34,150 Mark Saunderson - 30,350 Steve McAteer - 25,490 REINDEER WOMEN: 1st - Morfydd Ransom-Hall 17,950 2nd - Sam Clarke 10,500 3rd - Aileen Saunderson 9,880 REINDEER MEN: 1st - Justin Millais 34,600 2nd - Mike Hutchings 7,505 3rd Chris Dyer 5,050 Keep up the good work everyone, you're doing a fantastic job! 👍👍 #ChristmasCompetition

GHC Christmas Competition 2017

Our Christmas competition got off to a flying start today and the points box is all ready to go. So what's the Christmas Competition all about then? Well the problem is that all of Santa's reindeer have come down with Mad Reindeer Disease, or they've possibly spent too much time with Jason! 😀 So it's up to our members to to get the sleigh and its precious cargo up and running in time for Christmas. The more distance they do on the cardio equipment the further around the world Santa's sleigh can travel. The more reps they achieve on the strength machines and with core exercises the more presents the sleigh can hold and deliver. With an array of bonus & super bonus points up for grab it's an