Investing in Your Health

Thumbs up to some top performing members!

It's always so rewarding to see the progress that our members and PT clients make, so well done to you all and keep up the good work. Special shout outs to: Morfydd Ransom-Hall - now on jumps. Cassie Haswell - our strongest female member. Olivia Burt - smashed her 1KM run. Joanne Hale for achieving the highest plyometric jump so far out of all of our PT clients. Lorraine Curran (last but not least) - our first member on the most advanced programme to date! GOLD STARS ALL ROUND! "If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it! #topperformers #greatprogress #smashinggoals

Female & over 40 - read this!

For ladies over 40 out there, did you know that from the age of 40 you will start to lose muscle, in fact over 10 years you will lose about 2.25kg, that's 225g a year! So what's the problem with that? Well, when muscle decreases it slows down your metabolism which means that weight is gained more easily, particularly around the abdominal area, the more sedentary you are the worse it is. Gathering fat around the middle can be extremely detrimental to your overall health and can increase your risk of developing heart disease, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The good news is that if you keep yourself active and exercise regularly you can keep your muscle from deteriorating and fat lev

Great tips to keep hydrated!

Well we've had some seriously hot weather recently and it's so important to keep yourself hydrated when the temperature gauge rises. If you're not a keen water drinker then our tips below might be what you're looking for to keep those hydration levels up! Watermelon slushie... 700g Frozen Watermelon Chunks (no pips) 500ml Coconut Water Pop the watermelon chunks and coconut water into a blender, blend until smooth, serve and enjoy! Did you know that you can eat some of your daily water intake? Tucking into any of these can help to keep your H20 levels balanced: Cucumbers - Composed of 96% water, they have no saturated fat or cholesterol, and are high in vitamin K, vitamin B6 and iron Cele

raspberries - how to eat more...

Raspberries are available fresh, frozen and freeze-dried. The best way to eat them is fresh, right out of your hand (wash them first of course). However when out of season frozen is often a better way to go, as more of their nutrients will have been contained during the freezing process. Some good tips on how to eat more raspberries are below: keep a bag of frozen raspberries in your freezer at all times for throwing into smoothies and porridge avoid tinned fruit cocktail which often contains syrup and make your own fresh fruit cocktail with raspberries, pineapple, sliced peaches, and strawberries add some raspberries to plain Greek or soya yogurt with an optional drizzle of agave and some s

seasonal food of the month - RASPBERRIES

With their rich colour and sweet taste, raspberries are a powerful antioxidant and are one of the most consumed berries in the world! Humans have been gathering and eating wild raspberries for thousands of years. From the popular red and black varieties to purple, yellow, or golden, each colour has its own unique mixture of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Focusing on red raspberries, some of their health benefits include: Brain-boosting: studies have shown a positive correlation between the intake of flavonoids in berries and memory improvement. As well as this they may also decrease the decline in cognitive ability related to ageing. Cancer preventing: as they contain powerful antioxid